Have you seen a swarm of bees in Barnsley or the surrounding area? We can help!

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Honey Bees
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We can't help frown

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Asian Hornet
Please report your sighting. This is an
invasive species & a risk to honey bees.
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 Swarming is a natural part of a colony's development. If the colony outgrows its current brood nest, the queen leaves the old nest with a large number of workers- this is called a swarm. The swarm clusters nearby and sends scout worker bees to find a new nest site. When the bees are clustered, a beekeeper can remove them. If the scouts find a new site and the swarm moves in, it can be difficult to have them removed.

If you have a swarm in Barnsley, or the surrounding area, we can help you.
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Barnsley Honey Bee Swarms Map